Our People

At Frucor we think differently - it’s part of who we are. It’s never dull around here as each day will bring challenges. At Frucor you get to be Straight Up and tell us what you think (nicely of course) as that might be what it takes to make the difference. Go on, challenge the status quo.

It’s not just about the ideas, it’s about taking action too rather than waiting around and missing the boat – sometimes it will work, sometimes it won’t. To make things happen occasionally you will fail spectacularly, but what you have learnt will make it a success.

You won’t see a lot of red tape and formality around here – Things Change and if we made a rule book, it would never be up to date. That means you need to use your noggin and make a call.

Of course, you are part of a team that will support you all the way. Frucor people understand themselves and each other so they can grow and work together to make People Magic. Of course we have fun, it might be off the wall, it will definitely be exciting - just expect the unexpected. 

Come join us and take on the challenge – It’s exciting times and we want to be On Top Down Under  - Enjoyed All Over.

We’re growing – you won’t stand still around here and we will make sure that you will get the opportunities to grow too.

In fact, Together, We’re Growing.


Many people ask what we do at Frucor to create our great culture. After all, we’re all individuals with our own ways of working.


Currently, there are no vacancies at Frucor, but please check back soon.

Staff profiles

Don't take our word for it. Find out why our team members love it here.

Nick Kairua

Logistics Optimisation Leader