Staff profiles

Nick Kairua

Logistics Optimisation Leader

Donna McFarlane

Field Sales Manager, Brisbane

Lanu Tapelu

Filler Operator, Manufacturing Department

Vanessa McCambridge

HR Director, NZ HR Department

Nick Kairua

Logistics Optimisation Leader

Tell us about your journey at Frucor;
I first started at Frucor mid - 2005. I worked the Logistics Night Shift for a year and then I went back to University, but while I was at university Frucor would allow me to work for two month stints when I was on a break, or a bit broke. When I had graduated a position was available which I applied for and got, since then I have been promoted to Optimisation Leader for our Logistics Department.

I like Frucor and will stay here because of its positive atmosphere. It is truly is a place like no other.

What inspires you at Frucor to do your best every day?
I respect the people we have here at Frucor; and it is the people that inspire me to do my best. I put my best foot forward, because I respect my team mates.

What value resonates with you the most and why?
Value You, with a bit of Trailblazing. Sometimes in our lives there are those moments where we think we have that great idea but through a lack of courage and support or a belief of being ridiculed we don't go through with these. I like the fact that Frucor encourages us to think differently and provides a safe and trusting environment to do so.

Our thoughts can cross between the brilliant and the outrageous - but it doesn't matter, because I know we will still be listened to and respected.