Social responsibility

At Frucor, we set ourselves the highest possible standards and are always on the look out for ways to do things better.

Whether it’s thinking improved nutrition, looking after the community or protecting our environment, we take social responsibility seriously.


We like to look after people, especially those who need a little extra support.


Being green is part of our business and we’re doing our best to look after the planet.

Helping Kiwis Choose Less Sugar

At Frucor, we have a hunger for making drinks better, and we're always on the look out for ways we can do this.


We take great care to develop products and guidance for you and your kids' enjoyment, health and wellbeing.

Did you know?

Fruit, fruit products and fruit nectars not only taste good, they’re also essential elements in our diet. Next to vegetables, fruit is the most important source for carotene and Vitamin C.